This is the place you can find non-lethal self defense items like pepper sprays, stun guns, personal alarms, tear gas, and more You'll also find items specifically designed for child safety, travel safety, and a variety of emergency aids.

Some options available for personal safety:
Hire a bodyguard (If you can afford one, you don't need us).
Wear a suit of armor (Uncomfortable - and it makes it hard to get in & out of your car).
Carry a weapon (If your state allows it - but you better know how to use it).
Travel with a guard dog (Dogs are great companions, but they require attention).
Carry something small and non-lethal like pepper spray, a stun gun, or a personal alarm.

From the F.B.I.
> There is a violent crime every 22.2 seconds!
> Someone is murdered every 30.9 minutes!
> Someone is raped every 5.7 minutes!
> Someone is robbed every 1.2 minutes!
> Someone is assaulted every 36.6 seconds!

Scared yet? It really is dangerous out there! How will you protect yourself?

We offer one of the largest selections of personal safety products on the internet.
We are authorized retailers for respected manufacturers such as StreetWise, Stun Master, Mace, and Kindergard.
There's something for everyone. We know you'll find that just right item. Did I mention we also have car alarms?

Stay safe,

Unfamiliar with some of the terms? Please refer to this list.

STUN GUN - Designed to deliver a non-lethal high voltage shock when you touch an assailant. Usually rated in kilo-volts (KV).
TASER - A device that shoots projectiles designed to deliver a non-lethal shock to an assailant.
PEPPER SPRAY - A non-lethal spray made with the pepper derivative oleoresin capiscum (OC). Highly irritant to skin & mucous membranes, it causes temporary blindness and uncontrolled coughing.
SCOVILLE HEAT UNITS - A strength level normally used to rate hot sauces.
TEAR GAS - Generally used by law enforcement officers, this non-lethal gas is designed to fill the eyes with tears. We offer CN gas, a longer lasting chlorine derivative.
MACE - Used to describe a spray that disables an attacker.
UV DYE - An indellible dye used for identification purposes.

Several states, counties, and cities have restrictions on purchase and use of stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, and tear gas sprays. Please check with that particular section for more details.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship outside the continental U.S.

Payment options

Payment options

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